Don’t be fooled, our Air Force drones are not ‘pilotless’

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While the legality and increased use of American drones in foreign countries continues to come into question, no one can dispute that their use saves countless American lives and lends great support to our troops on the ground.

To begin, the term “unmanned aircraft” is a misnomer when discussing Aerial Drones or what the Air Force now calls “Remotely Piloted Aircraft” (RPAs).

In her excellent new book “Drift,” Rachel Maddow examines America’s never-ending state of war. But she misses the mark when referring to RPAs as “pilotless.”

Dozens of airmen throughout the world work around the clock, maintaining and operating each vehicle. Each RPA is manned by pilots, sensor operators, and mission intelligence coordinators watching targets, supporting raids and relaying information to the battlefield.
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