UAS operator finds body of missing Texas boy.

A sad story. but one that underlines the effectiveness of UAS in the search and rescue role.

Gene Robinson from RP search services flew over the scene and spotted something in the water that warranted investigation by a Police helicopter.

Our condolences go to the family of Devon Davis.

From Texas Eccusearch

Found Deceased: Devon Davis, 2 1/2 Yrs., Cleveland, TX, 03/27/12

Posted on 28. Mar, 2012 by smckinney.

03/31/12 — It is with extremely heavy hearts that we have to report that little Devon Davis’ body was located today in lake near his home. Please keep Devon’s families and friends in your prayers during their time of grief. We want to thank all of the people from all the different agencies, along with our members who searched in very treacherous conditions to find Devon and bring him home. We want to extend a very special thank you to Gene Robinson, a long time volunteer of Texas EquuSearch for traveling from Central Texas to bring out his drone airplane, which was invaluable in helping bring this family some closure. Additionally, please keep all of the searchers in your prayers too, as this was a very emotional search for everyone involved. We would also like to thank all of the people who brought food, water and bug spray out to the search site. Those donations were very much appreciated by everyone who was out looking for Devon. We will post funeral arrangements when they become available.

RP SearchServices is a tax exempt, non-profit 501(c)3 service of RP FlightSystems, that serves the community by supplying technology services for Search and Recovery operations, fire agency support, disaster mitigation, environmental observation and archeological data collection.

RP SearchServices utilizes unmanned aerial vehicles with high resolution imaging systems, remotely piloted boats with side scan sonar and various computer based technologies to assist communities and organizations that may not have access to this technology.

Gene and his team have been involved in more than 30 missing persons searches which makes them the most experienced UAS search group in America. Their work continues at a moments notice and with no fanfare.

Well done RP Search Services.

From Click2Houston

Earlier in the day, a remote control airplane with photography capabilities flew over the lake and spotted something. The DPS helicopter was checking that out when searchers found Devin’s remains. After that, Texas Equusearch founder Tim Miller walked Devon’s mother, April Davis, to the back of the yard where Capt. Evans told her that Devon was gone.

“It’s difficult. I spent a lot of time with April out here over the last three days, a lot of time and I’ve gotten very very close to April,” Miller said. “We were determined not to give up and it was actually at the end of the search… I don’t know why it happened like that.”

“Every time it’s heartbreaking,” Evans said. “They’re all very devastated right now.”

Earlier in the day, April Davis was in relatively good spirits, heading out with Miller to hand out hundreds of flyers bearing her son’s picture and information.

An Amber Alert was issued for Davis on Tuesday. Liberty County sheriff’s deputies said Devon wandered off into a wooded area while his mother and 1-year-old sister were napping at their new home in the Sam Houston Lake Estates area near Tarkington at about 3:30 p.m.

Davis said she found the door open and her son was gone. Investigators said Davis told them that Devon opened a latch on the door.

Searchers spent days looking for the toddler. Before the discovery was made, searchers used a drone to try to look for signs as to where he may be.

“The best benefit of that is unmanned and it can fly for hours,” Evans said. “Whereas the aircraft that we’ve been able to have come over can only stay for a short amount of time.”