‘Shrike’ is a flying robot designed to keep soldiers safer

By Talia Kaplan KSDK.com

Fort Leonard Wood, MO (KSDK)- A flying robot designed to help fight the enemy. The advanced technology was introduced Friday at Fort Leonard Wood.

Engineers say the goal is to make sure soldiers are safe.

A presentation was held at the military base to introduce “Shrike,” a flying robot that could increase route clearance and protection capability to inspect culverts and other areas for IEDs and other dangers.

“We want to make their jobs better, improve their performance on missions and get them home alive,” said David Hendrickson, Director of Business Development of Aerovironment Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Shrike is battery operated and has five cameras.

The U.S. Army already has something similar called Puma and Raven but Shrike has more advanced features. For example: it flies more like a helicopter than an airplane.


Mike Clark