Drone maps Exmoor’s bogs

Nigel King and Quest UAV have been out and about again.

South West Water and the University of Exeter will assess images taken by the vehicle as part of a plan to re-wet Exmoor’s blanket bogs.

The drone flies at a height of 300m (985ft) and can capture images at a rate of one per second.

The project aims to boost the habitat for plants and animals and improve river quality.

Exmoor’s bogs have been degraded by years of reclamation, agricultural drainage and peat-cutting.

The restoration due to begin at the end of 2012, will involve blocking drainage ditches and re-wetting bogs to improve their ability to retain water.

Martin Ross from South West Water, said: “This unmanned aircraft is going to help us collect evidence which will show whether mire restoration is succeeding in its aims.