Thermally Conductive Coatings

Concept electronics enclosure for UAV which uses thermally conductive metallic coating over thermoplastic to
dissipate heat build up from electrical components.

This concept shows the design freedom that using the DDM* process gives. Conformal shapes, complicated ribs and thin sections are not a problem.

The process is ideal for prototype and low volume production as there is no tooling cost associated with production.

e-factory are looking to develop and commercialise light-weight metalized polymer structures for UAV applications. We can produce parts with an engineering polymer substrate and a metalized coating applied to Mil spec standards . The production methods and process are fully traceable with suppliers conforming to ISO 9001.

e-factory is developing the process and can reliably manufacture metalized test pieces. We are currently
in the process of making test samples for mechanical testing. We are keen to work with industry partners on
real world applications of the technology.

Metalized parts have the following properties:

•5 x stiffer and stronger than substrate polymer

•Up to 30% lighter than equivalent parts in aluminium

•Low density around 1.75 g/cm³

•Low cost lean production process needs no tooling

•Thermal conductivity of coating is around 90 W/m K

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