Saturday, December 4, 2021

Outback Challenge D2 Deadline and Rules Update

The submission date for Deliverable 2 of the 2012 Search and Rescue Challenge has been extended by two weeks  to the 18th of April 2012 at 07h00 UTC. Teams now have a bit more time to complete and submit their D2 Technical Reports and Videos.

The rules document for this year’s competition has also been updated. Most of the changes are clarifications and minor additions to previous versions of the Rules. Here is the list of changes:

• – Updated logo to 2012

•- Section 2.2, operational holds not included in competition timing

• – Section 2.4, minor addition

• – Section 4, extended due date for Deliverable 2

• – Section 5.5.2, clarify that it is a maximum of a 2 minute hold at “Comms Hold”

• – Section 5.12 changes to team role testing, due to team member incapacitation

• – Section 5.15, deleted word “either” that was inconsistent with other wording

•- Section 5.18.2, Additional safety requirements for “Tinker Time”

– • Section 5.19, added details on how drop accuracy will be measured

•- Section 5.2 rewording and clarification of Safety Piloting proficiency requirements

• – Section 5.3 Addition of UA system compliance with respects to team member proficiency with equipment, software, CRM and communication.

–  Section 5.4 wording of pilot to ‘safety’ pilot

• – Section 5.7 clarification of the Scrutineering flight test area.

•- Section 6.1, added exceptional or mitigating circumstances clause

• – Section 6.2, added exceptional or mitigating circumstances clause

• – Section 6.2, updated Deliverable 2 page limit to 17 pages

•- Section 6.2, clarified that an appendix to Deliverable 2 is only permitted for describing pyrotechnics

•- Section 6.2.2, added compliance statement template

•- Section 9 changes to the Safety Pilot testing procedures, addition of procedure turns, removal of box circuits. minor rewording.


The updated rules document is available here:


Here you can find out more about the Deliverables and Points system for this years competition.


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