Image Intelligence goes towards Live Broadcasting and Off Shore operations

Uppsala, Sweden, March 14th 2012: The Swedish based innovation firm Imint sees market upswing and expands its executive management team with a senior business professional. Imint originates from image processing research at Uppsala University. Following increased demand for better real time visualization from UAVs, as well as increased interest from the Live Broadcasting and Off Shore business the awareness of the benefits of performance improvements through software, Imint hopes to capture more of the UAV, Live Broadcasting and Off Shore market through the recent hire.

Imint has in a short time established them selves as a software innovation leader within the market for real-time video processing from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).  In order to continue on the growth path Imint has attracted and hired a seniorprofessional to the executive management team. Patrik Ågren will take on the position as sales- and marketing director.

Imint’s lead product Ihvert® encapsulates the latest research in motion image improvement algorithms and in a way that enables its use in real-time and in ordinary performance-constrained hand-held systems. Ihvert® also adds useful features for field operations, developed in partnership with Swedish armed forces.

The market has responded very well to the Ihvert® product, presumably because it offers a “weightless” solution to the constantly increasing demand for quicker, safer, and longer-range detection and identification.

Following the growing awareness of the benefits in using advanced video software, important customers and partners in the Entertainment and Off Shore has lined up and are discussing business opportunities. To take advantage of this momentum, Imint is sets speed by Harald Klomp CEO Imint and Patrik Ågren Sales & Marketing Director works closely with the Defence Industry and Patrik Ågren follows the leads in Live Broadcasting and Off Shore industry to drive sales and market expansion.

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