Fat Head Solutions LLC Announces Company Launch

Wichita Kansas – A new Company, Fat Head Solutions, LLC (www.fatheadllc.com) is open for business effective immediately. The new company,
with three major operating locations, will provide low cost, high value, and complete subsystem solutions for small unmanned aerial systems.

Capitalizing on an emerging $17B/year market, Fat Head Solutions, LLC will be a major supplier to the small Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (sUAV) market by providing the following products:


Commercial Off the Shelf remotely viewed, controlled, and recorded picture and video camera solutions


Rugged and reliable landing solutions


Complete solutions for Transmitting, Receiving, and Processing and viewing video


Power solutions for small unmanned systems including power distribution, voltage regulation, and power charging and generation systems


Compass, antenna, rotor head rpm, laser altimeter, and autopilot subsystem solutions With years of research, product development, flight testing and productization, the new company has a complete portfolio of mature products for the rapidly expanding sUAV marketplace.

With operating locations in Wichita Kansas (R&D), Annapolis MD (Engineering), and Allentown PA (Production Assembly), the company has exceptional ability to deliver its product in the volumes anticipated.

The new company also offers training and custom engineering services allowing any customer to get the support, training and custom solution development they need to be successful

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