Elbit Systems to Display Wide Array of Next Generation Solutions at FIDAE 2012

Elbit Systems will present a vast array of advanced next-generation systems and solutions at the upcoming FIDAE exhibition, set to take place at Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport, Santiago-de-Chile March 27 through April 1, 2012.

The Company’s exhibition (Israeli Pavilion, stand D1-i) will be the venue for a full spectrum of advanced systems demonstrating leadership in all of its business areas, from C4I systems to advanced avionics and electro-optic systems as well as Unmanned Aircraft Systems and more. FIDAE will be an excellent opportunity for visitors to view displays and presentations of Elbit Systems’ core technologies and cutting-edge solutions.

The following will be highlighted in the Company’s booth:


TARAPACA Multi Sensor Concept is a fully-customizable ground and mobile solution for real intelligence collection and dissemination. Comprised of a broad array of lightweight network-ready sensors and C4I systems, the various system components can be fully customized to deliver effective intelligence in a broad range of operational scenarios. The solution provides day and night observation, target detection and recognition, radar, and identification of friendly forces. All sensors are fully controlled from the commander terminal, with digital maps for navigation and orientation.

TORC2H is an all-in-one C2 system covering all army branches and echelons, enabling universal situational awareness as well as in-depth collaborative mission planning and management based on real-time information, for an always-updated common operational picture. TORC2H is the only C4I solution to be fully deployed and operational in a major military organization, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).


Elbit Systems Electro-Optics Elop Ltd. (Elop), a globally recognized multidisciplinary electro-optics systems house, will display:

• LILY-S is an un-cooled lightweight short-range Thermal Weapon Sight (STWS) and monocular camera for small arms, enabling users to detect, acquire and engage targets day/night in adverse weather.

• CORAL-CR & Mini Atlas is a hand-held thermal imaging camera with targeting capabilities and precision electronic goniometer for enhanced target acquisition.

• CORAL-Z is a hand-held, lightweight thermal imaging camera, designed for long-range performance, featuring continuous IR optical and digital zoom, high resolution detector, color OLED display and adjustable binocular view.

• MARS is an un-cooled, hand-held dual field of view FLIR thermal imager with target acquisition capabilities, featuring extremely light weight and compact dimensions.

• Engager is an advanced covert remote reconnaissance and targeting system designed for the use of intelligence, infantry and special forces units for long-range intelligence gathering, targeting and laser-guided missions.

• LORROS Long Range Reconnaissance and Observation System is a 24/7 high quality, remote controlled ground reconnaissance and observation system, for medium and long ranges, ideal for border/coastal surveillance, critical infrastructure protection, intelligence gathering, artillery spotting & target acquisitions, reconnaissance, etc.


Elbit Systems is a leading provider of high performance turnkey UAS solutions, including advanced air vehicles, ground control stations and intelligence management centers. The following UAS will be presented in real-size in the company booth:

Skylark I-LE (Long Endurance) is a derivative of the legacy Skylark I UAS, already operational with several armed forces worldwide. In addition to major improvements implemented, Skylark I-LE has been upgraded to offer longer endurance of up to three hours and enhanced robustness.

A range of the Company’s UAS will be presented in 1:10 scale:

• Hermes 900 is a next-generation MALE UAS featuring multi-mission, multi-payload capabilities with class leading payload carrying capacity.
• Hermes 450 is a High performance, deployable, mature, reliable, high capacity, long endurance, multi-payload multi-role tactical UAS.
• Hermes 90 Expeditionary high performance, low cost, tactical UAS, affordable and runway independent, ideal for maneuvering forces.
• Skylark II is a highly covert, small footprint, tactical UAS that is electrically propelled and capable of operating beneath cloud cover.


A world leader for over four decades in the field of Electronic and Information Warfare as well as Intelligence and C3 systems, Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT Elisra will present:

• SPS-1000-V5 – Radar Warning System is a highly sophisticated airborne self-protection system, offering complete threat programmability, excellent performance and reliability. The system integrates two subsystems: a Self Protection System which detects the classical radars; a Multichannel Superhet IFM Receiver which provides detection and unambiguous identification of modern CW high PRF low ERP and pulse Doppler radars.

• Unified Self Protection Suite for Helicopters & Training Aircraft includes advanced EW capabilities packed into a single LRU, delivering superior identification and location under challenging conditions.

• Foxtrack is a lightweight, man-portable Ground Surveillance Radar System, designed to provide surveillance at medium to long ranges. Carried by a crew of two, it functions in a tripod-mounted configuration or installed on board a vehicle, intended to identify both people and vehicles.


Elbit Systems, with its comprehensive airborne systems capabilities, can provide a single sensor or an entire cockpit avionic suite. The following will be displayed in the Company’s booth:


• Laser Guided Rocket (GATR) is installed on 68/70 mm rockets to convert them into metric precision guided weapons, for air-to-ground or ground-to-ground missions, against soft or lightly armored stationary or fast-moving targets.

• LIZARD is a laser-based precision guidance kit designed to strike any laser designated target, featuring high precision proportional controls, higher hit probability, with fewer sorties and bombs per target.


Elbit Systems builds on over three decades of experience in training and simulation programs and offers comprehensive solutions that span the full military spectrum.

Mission Training Center (MTC) is a unique system that enables linked training between various trainees and platforms, including different platforms of an Air Force at both the interoperable level and ground controllers. With this system, teams are able to train in formations of pairs and foursomes in all aspects of the operational mission. The sessions are fully supervised by flight instructors, who are able to take a central part in the training process.

Elbit Systems’ subsidiary, AEL Sistemas, will display the following in the Brazilian Pavilion, booth 21:


Elbit Systems’ proven capabilities in design, manufacture and integration of advanced avionics in numerous Eastern and Western platforms, trainers and front-line fighter aircraft, ensure enhanced performance and operational capabilities: The following upgrades will be highlighted at FIDAE2012:

Elbit Systems has performed numerous F-5 modernizations, the most recent was for the Brazilian Air Force, unleashing the “Tiger’s” potential, with an advanced fully redundant glass cockpit, including 3-color displays and operational features such as HOTAS operation, MFDs, Weapon Delivery and Navigation Systems, Fire Control Radar, Electronic Warfare suites and the DASH IV Helmet.

Elbit Systems CockpitNG is the result of decades of experience and expertise in creating advanced avionics concepts for the cockpits of tomorrow. Cockpit NG integrates a wide variety of helmet-mounted, heads-up and panoramic displays with advanced algorithms, sensor & data fusion and development tools. It is a complete, fully customizable multi-mission cockpit that assures aircrews improved situational awareness, reduced workload and enhanced flight safety.

The CockpitNG demonstration will include the following two systems:Elbit Systems’ 22″ Advanced Panoramic Display (PC inside), in HD resolution, is a new generation avionics system, designed to replace all flight instruments and screens, creating a full glass cockpit. The 22″ display combines sensor fusion with a decision support system, in order to present all relevant information in a format that facilitates the pilot’s work, and Targo, a complete mission life cycle Helmet Mounted Avionics (HMA) technology which transfers the aircraft’s avionics to the pilot’s helmet.