Australasia Civil RCAPA Training

Australian level one RPA pilot qualification

Interesting draft standards  for simple RPAS flight in Australia outside of built up areas, within VLOS and below 400′. Much the sort of thing that might come into place in the USA eventually.

This qualification reflects the role of a Remote Pilot working in the Aviation Industry. Successful completion will require competency in units that relate to work defined as aligned at Certificate 3. This qualification has been structured to align with applicable aviation licensing and regulatory requirements.

Additional requirements may be required in line with the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations before a licence will be issued. This qualification is relevant to operating remote pilot aircraft systems, within visual line of sight (VLOS), below 400 feet above ground level (AGL), in day visual meteorological condition (VMC), outside of controlled airspace, greater than 3nm for an aerodrome, outside of populous areas.

Occupations include:

Remote pilot.

Entry requirements:

English language proficiency test (IELTS level 5.5 or equivalent).

Requirements for completion of the qualification:

To gain the Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) a successful assessment outcome for the following 15 core units must be achieved:

Field Units

E Communication and Calculations
AVIE3006A Maintain remote pilot aircraft systems (RPAS) aeronautical radio communications
AVIE3003B Complete a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)

F Safety Management
AVIF3021A Manage human factors in remote pilot aircraft systems (RPAS) operations
AVIF3022A Apply regulations and policies during remote pilot aircraft systems (RPAS) operations

H Route Planning and Navigation
AVIH3018A Navigate RPA

K Technology
AVIK3002A Use infotechnology devices in the workplace
AVI30612 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) (continued)

W Equipment and Systems Operations

AVIW3035A Manage remote pilot aircraft systems (RPAS) pre- and post-flight actions
AVIW3036A Operate and manage remote pilot aircraft systems (RPAS)
Y Aircraft Operation and Traffic Management
AVIY3067A Control remote pilot aircraft (RPA) on the ground
AVIY3068A Launch remote pilot aircraft (RPA)
AVIY3069B Control remote pilot aircraft systems (RPAS) in normal flight
AVIY3070A Recover remote pilot aircraft (RPA)
AVIY3071A Manage remote pilot aircraft systems (RPAS) in abnormal flight situations
AVIY3072A Manage remote pilot aircraft systems (RPAS) energy source

Z Situation Awareness

AVIZ3051A Manage situation awareness in remote pilot aircraft systems (RPAS) operations

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