Advanced Defense Technologies Inc. (ADTI) Designs Proprietary Antenna System, Key to Commercial Use of Drones and UAVs

Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. (pinksheets:ADCF) announced today that the ADTI’s proprietary antenna system design that will sense, detect, and avoid any airborne object that enters the possible collision ranges of ADTI drones and UAVs, is a key technological advance needed for the commercial markets. The antenna system requires azimuth, elevation tracking and signal processing providing input to the onboard autopilot payload generating the command signals for the trajectory maneuvering.

R.S. Tahim, President and CEO of Advanced Defense Technologies Inc., stated, “The idea of using drones domestically will continue to appeal to more and more local authorities. The technology advances being developed by ADTI will be crucial to allow the FAA to change current regulations to accommodate the technology in U.S. airspace. Our antenna systems create a minimum safety range for drones in flight allowing the antenna control unit (ACU) or autopilot to be activated leading to collision avoidance maneuvering.”

About Advanced Defense Technologies Advanced Defense Technologies (ADTI) develops systems and technologies for the military defense and homeland security industry. The Company’s system design technology has been developed under several SBIR Programs with Government Agencies including the US military (USAF, ARMY, NAVY and MDA), NASA, DARPA and a prestigious defense contractor (Phillips Labs).