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The RCAPA ARC Inclusion Appeal Update

Thus far, we’ve only heard back from the Small Business Administration, and the FAA. It would appear that they couldn’t find Rick Prosek, which may or may not explain a few things?? First back was the SBA they replied that the letter and our request would be forwarded to a division that was most likely able to help us with our appeal.

FAA reply

The FAA’s Leslie Smith said he would talk it over with Ms. Peggy Gilligan as time permitted. (See attached) Nothing back from the Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety herself, but we hold out hope that a response is still forthcoming. Unfortunately, we cannot rest on hope, and we are initiating contact on a higher level, as we are unable to get a timely response from Ms. Gilligan.

I know that some of you have taken it upon yourselves to write, email and call your Federal representation, as well as the FAA directly. As frustrating as being deliberately shut out is, we must keep our side of the conversation going even if it is a unilateral affair. It is a hard row to hoe when you lack all of the trappings that big business has at their disposal i.e. money, influence and lucrative jobs. Just remember that all of the effort is in your best interest as the future you are working toward is your own.

Keep the faith my brothers and sisters…



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One thought on “The RCAPA ARC Inclusion Appeal Update
  1. possible contact information for Rick Prosek:

    Rick Prosek, Manager, Unmanned Aircraft Program Office
    (202) 385-4576
    [email protected]

    Federal Aviation Administration
    Unmanned Aircraft Program Office, AFS-407
    490 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Suite 3200
    Washington, DC 20024

    Phone: (202) 385-4835
    Fax: (202) 385-4651

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