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Sagetech releases, smallest lightest ADS-B Mode S transponder to date.


Sagetech XP Transponder Mode S and ADS B

Just the ticket for the UAS rush expected soon in the USA, this device will allow air traffic controllers to see UAV’s on their radar. Because of its size it is suitable for smaller system. The type of system that might be used by Police or Fire services when the FAA eventually open up airspace for drone flight in America.

Sagetech Corporation is now accepting orders for the new Mode S Transponder with ADS-B Out, which this week was released for production. The Sagetech XP Family of Transponders offers the lightest and smallest transponders in the world, ideal where size, weight and power are at a premium.

They have a footprint the size of a business card and at 100g, weigh 30% less than an iPhone.

All Sagetech XP Family Transponders have an integrated altitude encoder, which is compliant to FAA TSO requirements. The Sagetech XP Mode S Transponder with ADS-B Out provides full ICAO Mode S performance and ADS-B extended squitter outputs. In addition to the new Mode S transponder, Sagetech offers a Mode C unit and is working on the ADS-B In/Out version.

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