Innocon’s MicroFalcon accomplished qualification flights at extreme weather

Israel, February 6th 2012 …Innocon’s MicroFalcon mini UAS has completed flight tests at extreme weather conditions. The MicroFalcon operated successfully under a snow storm at -15 Celsius, and a 35knt wind velocity.

“We are proud of the MicroFalcon mini UAV system. It has demonstrated its long endurance, wide-area surveillance capability to detect targets in all operational environments – in any type of weather, day and night,” says Michael Armon, Innocon’s CEO.

The MicroFalcon is Innocon’s lightest UAV. It provides high quality intelligence and surveillance information required for both the civil and HLS markets, as well as for military over the hill missions. This UAV has an Innovative structure of boxed type wings with belly mounted payload, which contributes to its high survivability and fast redeployment time cycle.

Moreover, the system is able to give around the clock coverage of the targeted area with its multi UAV control capability. The multi UAV function allows the operator to fly continuously over the target. Both UAVs are controlled and monitored during the whole time from a single ground control station.

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