Cosworth & ST Aerospace form strategic alliance for heavy fuel UAS engines in Asia

Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd (ST Aerospace) and Cosworth Group (Cosworth) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop heavy fuel engine systems for unmanned systems customers in the Asia Pacific markets.  The technical alliance will leverage ST Aerospace’s expertise in propulsion-to-airframe integration and operator HMI requirements, alongside Cosworth’s class-leading heavy fuel engine technology, for incorporation into the final engine systems, to bring greater value to customers in the region.

Tim Routsis, Chief Executive, Cosworth Group:

“Our alliance with ST Aerospace is an exciting development for our lightweight heavy fuel engine programmes which have already gained significant momentum from our work with the US DoD and UK MoD.  There is clearly an appetite for products that can deliver the power density and reliability required by airframe integrators and defence forces around the world, as they focus their sights on unmanned systems.  Working together with ST Aerospace will enable Cosworth to demonstrate that our products are the right choice for customers in the rapidly growing Asian market”.

Chang Cheow Teck, President, ST Aerospace:

“We are excited at the collaboration with Cosworth. With complementary capabilities, we are looking forward to developing a highly reliable and efficient engine system for the UAV operators.”

Cosworth’s patented heavy fuel engine technology has already been adopted by market leaders in North America and Europe, thanks to its proven cold start capabilities and durability which have been tested at altitude. The application of true compression ignition diesel technology in the UAV engine combustion system results in improved fuel efficiency and reliability.  It has the ability to run on a wide range of heavy fuels, such as diesel, and JP5 and JP8 jet fuels, with varying cetane and octane ratings. This application also translates into lower maintenance costs, bringing forth immediate tangible benefits to the customers.