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Chinese Fire Scout, designed by an American, Star-Lite SVU200

These are compiled segments of the first test-flights of the improved version of the Star-Lite UAV helicopter, now designated as the Heavy-Lift SVU200, designed and built by Mr. Dennis Fetters with help from Mr. James Luo and Mr. David Deng working for the Hunan Sunward Science and Technology Company in Hunan Changsha China.

To our knowledge, this is the world’s largest built RC helicopter; qualified as flown without assist from stabilization. The SUV200 is not an existing helicopter converted to a UAV, but was designed from the ground up as a “large helicopter made small” and not a “small RC helicopter made big”, like most all other UAV helicopters to date. All parts were specifically designed and built for this project and are unique, using real custom-made geared transmissions and tail-rotor drive shafts. Therefore the SVU200 has the same construction as a full-size helicopter, along with the same reliability and longevity as a real full-size helicopter.

The Star-Lite SVU200 is powered by a Rotax 582 engine using the specially designed PEP (Power Enhancement Package) exhaust system, enabling the engine to produce 78 horsepower. The SVU200 is capable of lifting up to 200kg of payload and fly at a top speed of 209km/hr. The SUV200 has two internal payload bays, one in the nose and one in the rear of the aircraft, and is also equipped with hard-points and capable of hauling sling-loads, or carry an external cargo/payload pod, and even extended range tanks with extra fuel for extended mission capabilities.

Mr. Dennis Fetters, the designer and Project-Chief of this helicopter project, has designed over 12 different helicopters and Gyroplanes over the last 25 years, and owned his businesses manufacturing over 1700 rotorcraft and shipping them world-wide. Mr. Fetters now enjoys the freedom of living in China as a freelance designer and/or Project-Manager helping other companies around the world to realize their goal of reaching the aviation market with new aircraft designs.

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