Yellowtail Rolls Out New Method For Wind Turbine Blade Inspection


Heres another operator flying commercially in the NAS illegally in the USA, the airframe is actually an Australian Cybereye cyberQuad. I wonder if it will be able to pass ASTM F38 muster. It is a very accomplished platform and operators in Europe and Australia are able completely legally to undertake this simple task. Just the thing sUAS are made for.  Guess this is a plus one for the survey

Just how many small business in the USA are chomping at the bit waiting to start. Civilian drones will be able to gang up on the military ones several times to one once regulations finally happen. Many people no doubt will want to get ahead of the pack and create a web presence rather than be held hostage to a process that started before Ice Age 1 was showing.

Lets hope the elections don’t delay the process this year.


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Unmanned Inspection Services

YELLOWTAIL Aviation, an unmanned aerial inspection company, has introduced Aero-Eyestm, a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) method for wind turbine blade inspection.

Yellowtail’s Aero-Eyes UAVs are fitted with high-definition, high-resolution video imaging cameras. Remotely controlled from the ground by a pilot, the Aero-Eyestm takes off vertically. The UAV is flown to within 25 feet of the wind turbine, and for the next 10 minutes, the pilot maneuvers Aero-Eyes to take high-definition videos and pictures of the turbine’s blades, Yellowtail explains.

The pilot then lands Aero-Eyestm and removes the Secure Digital (SD) memory card that contains all the high-resolution videos and pictures. A new SD card is installed, and Aero-Eyestm is ready to inspect the next turbine.

No cranes, scaffolding or wind turbine climbers are required for this inspection method, the company says, and the turbine is stopped for only few minutes.