Piranha Terminal Guidance Testing A Hit

CLMax Engineering and Procerus Technologies (www.procerus.com) have  worked together to integrate Procerus’ closed loop vision-based terminal guidance technologies, OnPoint Onboard (TM), into the Piranha Micro Air Vehicle. The combined system provides users a method to rapidly deploy and precisely deliver lethal and non lethal payloads within one meter of a selected target. Successful engagements have been completed in high cross winds up to 15 knots, rain, and snow. Additionally the system allows for non line of site (NLOS) engagements day or night. When used on the fast moving and agile Piranha the system is capable of engaging moving targets.

Along with incorporating the Procerus terminal guidance capabilities, CLMax has also integrated a quick change modular payload to support payloads up to 1.5lbs. The payload allows users to remove and install a payload in under 10 seconds. The payload can be swapped while in the launch tube giving users the option to change the payload up to the final seconds before launch. The payload has an open physical/electrical interface permitting customers to develop their own payloads or provide to a third party to design to. Possible payloads include cameras, sensors, as well as lethal/non-lethal munitions.

With a proven track record of ground and air launches from manned/unmanned platforms as well as successful deployment from a Size A Sonobouy Launch Canister the Piranha provides users the ultimate rapid response platform for a wide range of applications.