Unmanned Aerial Vehicle contest will be held in Armenia

The Union of Information Technologies Enterprises (UITE) has announced the first ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’ contest in Armenia.
Currently, unmanned aerial vehicles provide road patrol, monitoring of ecological issues, for example, referring to pollution of air and rivers, mapping, video recording and even an intelligence service.

“This has a military and even healthcare significance,” says UITE Executive Director Karen Vardanyan. “Our goal is to find through this contest young people and specialists who have skills of solving complicated technological problems. They will present their projects then develop their skills during the contest and enter the technological business.”

Participants must design and prepare robots, working either automatically or by remote control, which must study an area during flight, recognize the navigation signs and send pictures of the area online, find a specially assigned tee, drop a payload of 200-300 grams and fly back to its original place of flight.

“This contest will give aircraft model constructors who have such ideas and projects a chance to emerge and to be involved in even greater projects in the future,” says Armen Vardanyan, head of Armenia’s National Committee of Aircraft Modeling and Rocket Modeling Sport, whose team has also applied for participation in the contest.

Karen Vardanyan says that those projects which will attract the jury’s attention since the very beginning will receive financial support from UITE to buy the main parts of the models, because parts are very expensive.

The deadline for receiving applications for participation in the contest is March 12, which will be followed by the preparatory phase, when participating teams will work on the realization of the projects that they have presented, and will make the models.

The contest is planned to be held in autumn. The Ministry of Defense of Armenia will provide a location.

International organizations from Spain, Belarus and Russia will also participate in the contest.