Australian Armed Forces are First to Use New UAV Landing Mat Technology

FAUN TRACKWAY, a manufacturer of mobility solutions technology, announced that the company won an order for its new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Aircraft Landing Mat (ALM) from the Australian armed forces. The contract is worth approximately $1.1 million dollars and is the first sale of the new UAV-specific landing mat.

With the first temporary UAV landing mat to hit the international market, FAUN TRACKWAY says it expects to capitalize on the quickly growing UAV industry. The lightweight UAV Aircraft Landing Mat is designed to provide a smooth landing, regardless of terrain, for any size or weight of UAV and can be deployed rapidly by hand. To enable the UAV to quickly decelerate when landing, the mats can also be fitted with arrestor gear typically found on aircraft carriers.

Chris Kendall, FAUN TRACKWAY USA Senior Vice President described the potential for the UAV landing mat, saying “The Australia armed forces are not alone in the challenges they face on the battlefield. We understand the needs of other NATO allies and this technology will extend military capabilities, no matter the surrounding. FAUN TRACKWAY USA, our newly incorporated American company, will offer these game-changing solutions to our developing client base in the United States.”

The UAV mats feature a robust design to help guard against Foreign Object Damage to help protect UAV assets. FAUN is also offering related ancillary equipment, such as lighting systems. Australia-based consulting firm Mackay Defence is acting as FAUN TRACKWAY’S locally based distributor and has provided ongoing support during its negotiations with the Australian armed forces.

Mike Holdcraft, FAUN TRACKWAY USA Vice President of Business Development, said: “We give users the potential to dramatically increase flight range and the length of military operations. Unmanned aircraft have become critical to combat activities. UAVs are typically used on clandestine operations in remote locations, and militaries need durable runway infrastructure within flight range. Our UAV Landing Mat provides a fast and effective means of deploying and retrieving drones in any climate or environment.”

The company unveiled the new landing mat technology in the United States while exhibiting at the Association of the United States Army Conference (AUSA) in Washington, D.C. in October.

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