UAVForge selects NW UAV for builds.

News from the UAVForge, it seems that DARPA are hearing the people and re designing the website, which in its current format is very difficult to navigate and use. It also looks like the teams entering may be given a little extra time to prepare.

From the DARPA UAVForge newsletter..

Northwest UAV is now on contract to provide manufacturing services for UAVForge. See the “How it Works” section on for more on the role of the manufacturer.

NW UAV was selected through a competitive process as the company best suited for this role.

In particular, NW UAV brings experience in high-rate production of small UAV engines and components, rapid prototyping technology, and a flexible CAD interface to a mature build-to-print process that may best support the wide range of solutions you have conceived.

Look for more from NW UAV soon – and please embrace the manufacturing element of UAVForge – it is ultimately intended to put the winner squarely on the path to a mature and potentially game-changing product, and we hope the contributions of NW UAV will help every one of you make your solution more competitive.

Milestone 1 Results

Thanks for your feedback on the first round of voting. We received several comments reflecting concern that competitive behavior may limit the usefulness of the results. We’re glad you recognize this potential limitation of a crowd vote. We encourage you to direct your competitive energy constructively and to use voting results carefully. We also suspect there may be ways to make voting more effective. What do you think? Please post your comments in the forum.

We want to emphasize that the selection of the top ten teams at Milestone 3 will reflect our assessment of the material presented – by each team – against the posted fly-off criteria. Some of your comments seem to question the need for the next round, since it isn’t an elimination milestone. We strongly encourage you to fully participate in Milestone 2 because it will help you to refine your design and presentation, and it will also help us to prepare for Milestone 3 and beyond.

Milestone 2 Schedule

December is always a busy month, and UAVForge is no exception! We’re working to incorporate improvements based on our Milestone 1 experience, the manufacturer has just joined the team, and we’re about to roll out several website improvements, including HTML and mobile platform support.

Also, our plans for the fly-off location are not yet as firm as we had hoped. In light of all this, we want to extend the submission window into January to allow more time for you to factor these changes into your approach. How would this affect you? Please post your comments in the forum.

Fly-off Schedule

The possibility of extending Milestone 2, along with other developments, such as constraints around the fly-off location, could change the overall schedule.