Marcus UAV need a web developer.

Marcus UAV unmanned aerial vehicles systems offer realtime video and high resolution aerial images on demand. They are the superior alternative to flying traditional aircraft for aerial surveillance and analysis. They provide images for aerial photography, exploration, disaster recovery, and a multitude of other uses.

The Zephyr micro uav is an easy to use package of equipment that contains a drone and ground station. Video and Audio recording equipment onboard the Zephyr drone gains needed data for analysis. The Marcus ground station makes this data available to the end user. Surveillance and monitoring of telemetry is accomplished from the operators seat at the ground station. The Ground Station software allows the setting of pre-flight flight plans and modifications of this plan during the flight.

People around the world are starting to notice their need to obtain UAV technology to stay competitive in their own fields as well. Gaining a competitive edge is now available in a ready made package.

We are searching for an in college or college graduate that has experience in Web Development to update and maintain the website. Including layouts, photography, media page (including articles written about the company, etc.), experience with social networking links, marketing, and making the website as customer friendly as possible by adding price lists and shopping cart availability. Tasks will be assigned with deadlines.
This is a great opportunity especially if you have any interest in Unmanned Ariel Vehicle technology.

Hours are when available- if you do not live in the area then good communication would be needed via email, Skype, etc.

This is a young company looking to expand. The internship will begin with a 6 month unpaid term and will access after that.

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