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Just one Predator C Avenger ordered by USAF

Predator C Avenger

Its off the blocks, but not and you must excuse the pun to a flying start.

The United States Airforce has ordered just one example of the General Atomics Predator C, Avenger for use in Afghanistan.

“This aircraft will be used as a test asset and will provide a significantly increased weapons and sensors payload capacity on an aircraft that will be able to fly to targets much more rapidly than the MQ-9 [Reaper] UAS,” the USAF said in an announcement.

“Since it has an internal weapons bay and four hardpoints on each wing it will also allow greater flexibility and will accommodate a large selection of next generation sensor and weapons payloads.”

The purchase was revealed  on the Federal Business Opportunities website on Dec. 9.  Lt. Gen. Thomas Owen, commander of the service’s Aeronautical Systems Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, approved the procurement.

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