Hood Tech imaging systems10,000 combat hours,half the Navy’s total this year, the

According to AlterNet, the UAV carrying Hood Tech Vision’s imaging system has flown about half the US Navy’s total flight hours this year:
“…Navy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have flown more than 21,800 hours this year.” More than 10,000 of those hours were logged by the model carrying the Hood Tech imaging systems. This year almost all the Navy’s flight time for remotely piloted aircraft (approximately 98 percent) was carried out in a combat environment.

The Navy’s widespread reliance on such a compact imaging system in combat situations is due in large part to the image quality and payload ruggedness provided by Hood Tech imaging systems. Leading the field, Hood Technology Corp. Vision, Inc. has been providing state-of-the-art imaging systems for small UAVs since 1993. Most recently, Hood Tech’s AltiCam 09EO1 achieved National Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale 9 (NIIRS-9) status, the highest level of image quality (alticamvision).

Hood Technology Corp. Vision, Inc. (Hood Tech) designs and manufactures imaging and video processing systems for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, boats, land vehicles, and stationary mounts. The reliability and utility of Hood Tech’s daylight and thermal imaging products has been demonstrated over more than 500,000 hours of operations in a variety of temperatures, humidity, dust, smoke, haze, and other environmental factors (alticamvision.com).

Hood Technology (hoodtech.com) was founded by Dr. Andy von Flotow in Hood River, Oregon in 1993. In addition to stabilized imaging systems, Hood Technology develops, tests, and manufactures launch and retrieval systems for a variety of UAVs and monitors blade deflections in industrial turbines and jet engines, a diagnostic method for anticipating future failures.