UAVForge video submission window opens, Milestone One

Well the time has come to find out who the serious contenders are in the DARPA community based competition.

We will update this page as they arrive. There are currently 92 teams registered.

In Milestone 1, competing teams showcase their unique approach. A complete UAV is not required, but peer review of a substantive concept is the best path to a successful solution.  You should consider things like credible weight and power budgets, consistent with the challenge course.

Consider your audience.  We recommend getting your point across in 60 seconds or less. Use comments carefully, but feel free to add a pointer to more information for voters willing to take a deeper look.

Top voted submissions are encouraged to compete in the next phase. Lower rankings may inspire a winning modification to your initial approach

All official Concept Videos must be submitted toUAVForge via the “Manage Teams and Solutions” tab (there will be a few more layout changes coming to the site) during the open submission window.  Team owners can submit one video that they would like to have commented and voted on by the crowd (only one solution per team is allowed; teams wishing to submit more than one solution must create multiple teams for multiple solutions).

Users will be able to “Like/Dislike” the solutions during the submission window.  You will be able to apply this immediate feedback to help improve your video before the submission window closes (you will need to delete your previous submission and upload another solution).

All videos submitted to the site prior to the submission window opening will be considered “Idea Videos” and moved to another tab.  If you are a team owner and have already uploaded your Concept Video, you must resubmit it during the submission window.

You will also be able to continue collaborating by individually posting Idea Videos and having them commented on.