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Goodrich Launches TASE 400 Stabilized Microgimbal

CHARLOTTE, N.C. | Goodrich Corporation announced the release of the TASE400, the latest and highest performance stabilized camera gimbal. The TASE400 marks the fourth complete gimbal solution from Goodrich, and brings an unparalleled performance in day/night surveillance imaging in a 7 inch, 7.51b package.

The TASE400 gimbal is an ideal solution for both manned and unmanned Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications requiring low size, weight and power (SWaP), combined with high performance and excellent day and night imagery. The TASE400 features include: a mid-wave infrared camera with continuous zoom from 20 degree to 2 degree field of view, a 36 times zoom daylight camera, and unsurpassed stability with fiber optic gyros and advanced electronic stabilization techniques. In addition, this gimbal comes with a third payload bay that is configurable to host a range of other options including a laser rangefinder, pointer or designator.

Goodrich ISR Systems at Hood River, Ore. provides a comprehensive family of complete gimbal solutions from the single camera, nose-mounted TASE100, the single camera TASE150, the dual camera EO/IR TASE200, the larger more sophisticated TASE300 two-three camera gimbal systems and now the new two-three camera TASE400.

The TASE product family is recognized worldwide as the leading solution in UAVs requiring low SWaP, and high stability for ISR applications. Currently over 400 gimbals from the TASE family have been delivered to both commercial and military customers and are widely used in theater in support of combat applications.

Cloud Cap Technology was acquired by Goodrich in 2009 and is part of its ISR Systems business. The team at Hood River specializes in UAV system components including its industry standard Piccolo Autopilots and advanced TASE stabilized gimbaled camera systems. Goodrich (Cloud Cap) products are widely used in military combat operations as well as many commercial applications worldwide. For more information visit

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