Chinese AVIC Cup Carrier Landings.

Its thought at least 100 teams took part in the AVIC Cup International Unmanned Machine Innovation Contest in Beijing  at the end of September.

Six Teams came from the Northwestern Polytechnical University Shaanxi Province alone.

The prize money was good and the main challenge, a carrier landing difficult. Very few reports have emerged so far but there is this tantalizing video clip. Some very competent looking entries  performing autonomous landings on a simulated carrier deck.

The carrier deck was 260 meters long and  of 15 meters wide with arrester wires for the aircraft to help them stop. Flight  was not permitted above a 100-meter ceiling and 400-meter slope distance from ramp.

The Australian Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) partnered the event. The RAeS established a bridge between the AVIC Cup and Australian UAV field, and provided a series of promotional activities for AVIC Cup in Australia.

Perhaps some of these teams will show up for the Outback Challenge.