RPAS 2011

RPAS 2011, held by the AWC UAS TES took place at  Defence Academy, Shrivenham, Thursday

The event moved this year along with the UAS TES from RAF Waddington to closer to the squadrons new home at RAF Boscombe Down.

Fibreflight Sentinel

The squadron is now positioned in what is envisaged to be the future centre of gravity for MOD RPAS T&E. The UAS TES

continues to support operations through support to the introduction of core programmes such as Watchkeeper as well as ongoing urgent operational requirements like Reaper and Desert Hawk 3.

This years event drew on lessons learnt from the natural and industrial disasters in Haiti, Australia,New Zealand and Japan and encouraged dialogue on the following.

The National Security Strategy: Do Unmanned Aircraft Systems have a role to play in support of Future UK Resilience Operations?

Vignettes were played through  during the afternoon session on the themes of Security, Natural Disaster and Industrial Accident.