Quest UAV to launch at DSEi 2011

Nigel King from Blue River studios has a new venture designing and developing sUAS for the university market.

Take Control of Research Projects with Your Own QUEST UAV Aircraft

Achieve quicker, more accurate results in your Remote Sensing projects than ever before

At Quest UAV we have been developing and commercially using our own UAV products for many years and we are now bringing them to the market for you to buy. We have aimed for simplicity of design and simplicity of operation throughout to make your life easier to get your system operational – and of course as low cost as possible.

We use a flying wing design that is tough enough to withstand hard landing and still protect a top quality compact camera with zoom lens deep inside it’s belly. With legal limits imposed on flying UAV’s in the UK and restrictions on flightpaths even the best autopilots struggle to get good photogrammetric results over a test area in typical UK weather, so we developed the roll stabilised camera mount and anti-vibration mounts which are now a standard addition to the Quest 200 and 300. This development changed the Quest aircraft from a good UAV into an exceptional photogrammetric tool. Combined with single operator, launch anywhere and zero field IT requirement, the Quest range will quickly bring your task of high quality data collection within reach. You can now purchase off-the-shelf systems for research projects at significantly discounted prices. Even better, full UAV licenses are not required for research projects.