QinetiQ’s West Wales UAV Centre to provide indoor scenario based UAS demonstration area at DSEi 2011

The QinetiQ West Wales UAV Centre (WWUAVC) and Clarion Events are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership which will deliver the world’s first scenario-based programme of indoor unmanned systems demonstrations.

The first such scenario, a “foot patrol in Afghanistan” will be unveiled to visitors at this year’s DSEi exhibition, which takes place between the 13th – 16th September, demonstrating the integration and interoperability of numerous unmanned ground and airborne systems with force patrol operations in support, surveillance and protection roles through a “real world” scenario.

The QinetiQ WWUAVC is the gateway to a unique environment that has been created to facilitate and accelerate the growth of the Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) industry. The WWUAVC provides significant operational airspace for UAS R&D, training and demonstration, together with safety infrastructure and complementary environmental and communications test facilities across the full range of UAS platforms.

Kevin Griffiths, WWUAVC Services Delivery Manager and Technical Lead for the demonstrations said: “Our involvement with Clarion, beginning with the display feature at this year’s DSEi, is an exciting opportunity for the WWUAVC. Being able to more powerfully illustrate the successful integration and delivery of unmanned capability in a representational theatre is extremely important. The display demonstrates the ability to safely integrate unmanned systems to meet current and emerging operational requirements. I hope this to be the beginning of a long relationship with Clarion and am confident that this showcase will be a great success stimulating unmanned system interoperability opportunities.”


The partnership between the WWUAVC and Clarion Events will enable increased understanding of, and promotional opportunities, within this fascinating and rapidly growing industry. It will focus on delivering meaningful demonstrations beneficial to manufacturers, operators and customers alike.

The WWUAVC provides a dedicated UAS operating environment affording access to both civil and military UAS operations over

varying geographic features. Provision of Air Traffic Management services has enabled the WWUAVC to be at the forefront of procedural development and implementation.

On the 15th June 2011, the UK CAA announced its endorsement of an Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) designed, developed and delivered by QinetiQ on behalf of the Welsh Government. The ACP has taken several years to complete, not least due to a complex consultation process with numerous stakeholders including the general public, local authorities and airspace users such as the UK MOD and the general aviation (GA) community.

Depending upon system characteristics, access to the airspace for UAS is afforded through various means including via the local airport and its 1200m asphalt runway.

The new airspace comprises some 500 square miles and, depending on which block is operational, supports flying activity from surface to FL225. When coupled with the EGD201 complex (2750 sq miles/unlimited height), the totality of the Wales UAS Environment presents a dynamic location for UAS test, development, demonstration and training. Underpinning all operations is the rich pedigree of safe, flexible and responsive services delivered by QinetiQ.