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Pakistani and Taliban troops fight for drone remains.

The BBC report another downed drone, is it one of the bird type or another??

Full BBC report

Pakistani troops have battled Taliban fighters for the debris of a US unmanned drone which crashed in a north-western tribal area.

It was not clear whether the unmanned drone had come down because of Taliban fire or due to a technical fault.

The US does not comment on its drone missile programme, which is designed to target insurgents in the area.

It was the second drone crash in a month in Pakistan, although such incidents are rare.

The drone crashed on Saturday night close to Jangara village in South Waziristan, which lies close to the Afghan border.

The Taliban said they had shot down the unmanned aircraft, but local security officials told AFP news agency it was a result of technical problems.

The debris was first taken by the Taliban, but Pakistani troops were later sent to seize it back, security sources said.

At least two militants were killed in the ensuing firefight, while one soldier was wounded, security sources told Reuters.

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