India and UK to work on UAV, advanced explosives, NBC countermeasures

Chief Adviser, Professor Sir Mark Welland, with his Indian counterpart

Britain and India have signed a deal to develop cutting edge technologies for Defence and Security.

The MOD announced says that under the agreement, the two countries will pool their world class science and engineering expertise to work on projects such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, advanced explosives, and factors affecting human performance on the battlefield.

It opens the way for collaboration between scientists from DRDO and the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).

A number of projects are planned to begin in coming months focussed on the world-leading research facilities in DSTL and DRDO.

In addition to developing new technologies for equipment, scientists will also explore medical sciences and better ways of defending against chemical and biological threats through protection, decontamination and medical countermeasures.