Elbit Sisteme Romania to Present an Array of Next-Generation Systems and Solutions at EXPOMIL 2011

Hermes 900

Elbit Sisteme Romania will present an array of its advanced next-generation solutions and systems at EXPOMIL 2011, set to take place in Bucharest Romania, 22-25 September. The Company’s exhibition booth will be the venue for a full spectrum of advanced systems demonstrating leadership in all of its business areas. EXPOMIL 2011 will be an excellent opportunity for visitors to view demonstrations and presentations of Elbit Sisteme Romanias’ core technologies and cutting-edge solutions.

Elbit Systems has been operating in Romania for the past 15 years and executes large scale projects, in cooperation with many defense industries in Romania, including IAR BRASOV, Avioane Craiova, Aerostar and others. These programs have been performed for the Romanian Ministry of Defense and for other customers in Romania, as well as for customers in other countries. Elbit Systems’ activities in Romania are primarily carried out through its wholly-owned Romanian subsidiaries, Elbit Systeme S.A A-E Electronics S.A, Elmet International SRL and Simultec SRL, which employ approximately 400 employees.

The following systems will be showcased at the Elbit Sisteme Romania booth:

• G-120 TP Training Aircraft Cockpit – a collaboration between Elbit Systems and GROB Aircraft AG to develop a new tandem cockpit version of the side-by-side seating G120 Turbo Prop Trainer.

• STAR is a Laser Guidance Kit installed on 68/70 mm rockets to convert them into metric precision guided weapons. STAR can be used for Air-to-Ground or Ground-to-Ground missions, against soft or lightly armored stationary or fast-moving targets. STAR provides users with an optimal solution for today’s dynamic battlefield. STAR can be launched from a variety of platforms, providing high accuracy and very low collateral damage, at an affordable cost.


Elbit Systems has earned international recognition in the aircraft upgrade market using its expertise as an integrator and developer of cutting edge next generation electronics defense systems. Elbit Systems is a world leader in addressing entire platforms and upgrading existing aircraft with enhanced performance, extended life and next-generation capabilities. Additionally, it partners with local industries, leveraging capabilities and sharing know-how and expertise.

In May 2011 Elbit Systems’ announced it was selected to upgrade the Romanian Air Forces’ C-130 transport aircraft, to be installed with various types of advanced electronic systems, including those produced by Elbit Systems’ wholly owned subsidiary – Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd. The project, to be performed over four years, will be executed in cooperation with local companies in Romania, lead by the Romanian Aeronautical Industry.

The MiG-21 “Lancer”- performed with Aerostar of Romania, which transformed the MiG-21 combat aircraft into a high performance multi-role attack fighter, demonstrating its expertise in integrating Western-designed avionics and weapons into an Eastern platform.


Simultec, an international Training & Simulation company, has over than three decades of experience in training and simulation solutions. Whether airborne, ground-based or at sea, Simultec has consistently designed, developed, delivered and deployed operational and tactical, virtual and embedded trainers and simulators to the world’s most sophisticated defense forces. The company’s total training solutions incorporate real-world experience based upon the depth of our corporate resources – experienced former military pilots, tank commanders, and naval commanders whose operational acumen is translated into superior training and simulation solutions. From Computer Based Training (CBT) to Full Scope Simulators, Simultec offers customers a full spectrum of modular, flexible training solutions that evolve to meet dynamic operational requirements.

The following Training & Simulation capabilities will be displayed by Simultec:

• Computer Based Trainer (CBT) Demonstrator for Helicopters featuring an innovative design, basing on the Mi-17 helicopter instruments and models, this demonstrator offers trainees a real flight experience using the advanced technology of soft panels to provide a glass cockpit. The CBT can be adjusted and tailored to fit the needs of any fixed wing or rotary wing platform.

• Demonstration of the Homeland Security Simulation System (HLS2)
At the show, Elbit Systems will present a demonstration using its Homeland Security Simulation System (HLS2), depicting various crisis management events and scenarios. The events will be managed in several phases, from detection to surveillance, analysis, management and finally response. The HLS2 provides a complete, virtual and constructive training tool for HLS organizations focused on command and control of security events and crisis management. It enables multidisciplinary training for emergency medical support (EMS), search and rescue, firefighters, rescue and NBCR teams, sensitive infrastructure management and more. Based on highly advanced simulation technology, the system features decision making simulators, control room training and debrief capabilities.

• Miniaturized model of the Mission Training Center (MTC) – is a unique system that enables linked training between various trainees and platforms, including different platforms of an air force as well as at an interoperable level and ground controllers. MTC enables teams to train in formations of pairs and foursomes, in sessions fully supervised by flight instructors, who are able to take a central part in the training. The system enables integration with other training systems, such as trainers for UAS operators and ground forces. The system also enables connection among different training centers, separated geographically, by using standard interfaces with minimum transport delay between sites.


Elbit Systems Land & C4I-Tadiran, backed by four decades of across-the-board battle-proven expertise and experience, will showcase the following:

• Tadiran PNR-1000A – a new advanced, compact and lightweight Personal Network Radio that integrates high-quality intra-team voice, data video communications and provides cutting edge C4I capabilities. Especially designed to provide continuous communications in urban warfare and highly suitable for the micro-tactical levels, Tadiran PNR-1000A provides availability and connectivity that is crucial to the mission’s success.

• SDR-7200 – a true software defined radio, with the potential to revolutionize battle group communications via fewer radios with more capability. Capable of simultaneous voice and data operation, on a single network of only 25Khz bandwidth at VHF frequency band with data transfer rates of up to 115.2 Kbps, the SDR-7200 enables the reception and transmission of live video feeds.

• Military IP Radio (MIPR) – a lightweight (4kg) man-packed/mounted tactical IP radio that delivers ultra-high bandwidth (up to 13.3 Mbps) real-time high-resolution video, images, voice and data.


Elbit Systems is a leading provider of high performance turnkey UAS solutions, including advanced air vehicles, ground control stations and intelligence management centers. The company’s UAS have earned international recognition in the global war on terrorism and are the backbone of the Israel Defense Forces and other world leading armed forces.

A full range of the Company’s UAS will be presented in graphics format:
Hermes 900 Multi-role, Multi-mission, Multi-payload Long Range MALE UAS, Hermes 450 Long Endurance Tactical UAS, Hermes 90 Tactical Close-Range Long Endurance UAS and Skylark II Tactical Close-range UAS, Skylark I LE Mini-manpack UAS.


Elisra, a world leader for over four decades in the field of Electronic and Information Warfare as well as Intelligence and C3 systems has been the source of solutions deployed in modern defense forces of over 40 countries worldwide. Elisra will display the following in graphic format:

• COMINT-DF/ELINT/COMJAM/DFECM – Systems and payloads that detect and intercept the most sophisticated threats through rapid spectrum scanning processed by sophisticated algorithms and enabling jamming/detection on selected threats. The COMJAM solution provides modular, easily reconfigurable building blocks. Together, these building blocks, optimally configured for the client’s armed forces, create a formidable COMJAM power. This includes: power amplifiers, exciters, receivers, activity detectors, signal analyzers, computers, controllers, terminals, communication equipment and antennas.

• EJAB man packed – a portable, lightweight configuration designed for the protection of ground troops and bomb disposal squads against the threat of RCIEDs (Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Device).

• CVRWR-20 (V) is an off-the-shelf, highly effective, lightweight radar warning receiver system for combat vehicles and tanks. Boasting a fast response time and automatic warning, the cost effective CVRWR-20 (V) provides early warning of radar-guided anti-tank, air-to-ground missiles, and airborne radars onboard attack helicopters. Proven operationally, CVRWR-20 (V) offers a unique combination of features, functionality and flexibility. It has passive and long-range detection as well as audio and visual warning capabilities. The system displays threat ranges and distances which are immediately identified upon detection.

• ELINT and COMINT Payloads for UAVs – Among Elisra’s solutions are the Emerald AES-210V (ELINT) and the SkyFix (COMINT) systems, designed to meet the full range of UAV tactical and strategic mission requirements.
Assuring success even in hostile scenarios, they detect, identify, and locate ground-based, airborne, and ship-borne radars as well as communication emitters. Lightweight and modular, these systems are easy to install and to remotely operate from a ground control station.

• Tactical Video Data Link (TVDL) – installed on hundreds of operational UAS platforms, and attack helicopters, TVDL is a compact video and data transceiver system providing real time battlefield intelligence from UAS, helicopters or AFVs to fully support commanders in battle management.

• V-RAMBO – Miniaturized Video Receiver and Monitor for Battlefield Operations introduced by Spectralink. The new V-RAMBO model features a video and telemetry receiver the size of a small PDA, which can be carried in a pocket or pouch. The video and data can be displayed in real time, either on V-RAMBO’s proprietary wrist-wearable monitor, or on other types of portable display devices, including PDAs and laptop PCs.