Green Hills Software Launches Autonomous Vehicle Open Platform for UAV Control Segments, UAV Mission, Payload and Flight Control Systems

AUVSI Unmanned Systems Conference 2011 — Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY® Security Services (ISS) business unit, today announced its new Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Open Platform, representing a significant investment and commitment to the security and management of Autonomous Vehicles and Universal Control Segments (UCS) in the embedded and special-purpose computing market.

Targeting the autonomous systems community, the platform provides a secure, highly reliable and safe software foundation for Autonomous Vehicle and UCS developers to host their UAS (Unmanned Autonomous Systems) applications. At the foundation is Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY-178B real-time operating system (RTOS), a multi-level secure operating system that is the only operating system in the world proven to simultaneously meet the software safety requirements of RTCA/DO-178B Level A for safety and total reliability, and the information assurance requirements of the U.S. Government’s EAL6+ Separation Kernel Protection Profile (SKPP) for absolute security.

As the UCS working group continues to architect standards by which unmanned platforms are certified for use in an operational environment, Green Hills Software is investing its own resources to ensure its tools and RTOS integrate into that framework.

According to Dan O’Dowd, chief executive officer and founder of Green Hills Software, “Our ISS Autonomous Vehicle Open Platform is the first end-to-end Open Platform in the embedded industry that includes an EAL6+-certified RTOS and a FIPS-validated Embedded Cryptographic Toolkit.” O’Dowd continues, “Our ISS AV Open Platform provides a reliable foundation to all Autonomous Vehicle and UCS developers reducing cost and time-to-market without compromising or sidestepping the demanding high-assurance software requirements that are expected from an operating system or cryptographic toolkit.”

The ISS AV Open Platform is provided by INTEGRITY Security Services (ISS), a business unit of Green Hills Software. The ISS AV Open Platform builds on our certified INTEGRITY-178B RTOS to provide a high availability framework, and a TCP stack and file system for applications in need of those services. In addition, the platform approach is agnostic to the hardware, allowing platform providers to utilize the hardware architecture best suited for their environment. The complexity of the trade space is such that each platform may have unique requirements from a hardware perspective. Some environments require low power, tactically deployed devices that sit on the back of a soldier or a Humvee, while others may be situated in an Air Operations Center that offers little constraints in terms of Space, Weight and Power.

The INTEGRITY Security Services AV Open Platform includes the following components:

  • INTEGRITY-178B Real-time Operating System(s)
  • ISS UCS Open Platform
  • ISS µSSL, µSSH, µVPN (IPSec/IKEv2), and µLoad Secure Boot Toolkits – Optional
  • TCP Networking Stack, web server, Layer 3 IP Routing, USB and Management Stacks – Optional
  • ISS Anti-Tamper Platform – Optional

The ISS AV Open Platform meets the latest government standards and also provides the underlying foundation for developing the most reliable, secure and cost-effective Autonomous Vehicle Systems in the world. The AV Open Platform is designed to be small, scalable and SKPP/EAL6+-compliant (INTEGRITY-178B multi-level secure operating system option). Support is also available for Windows, Linux, INTEGRITY and other general-purpose operating systems on ARM, Intel, Power Architecture, MIPS and other processor architectures.

“Our Customers are requesting high assurance security solutions,” said Dan O’Dowd. “With the INTEGRITY Security Services Platforms and our EAL6+-certified INTEGRITY-178B operating system, we can secure all layers of all Autonomous Vehicles.”