New Ihvert® Release Brings New Analysis Capabilities

Imint announces availability of version 2.5 of its Ihvert® product suite, a complete Remote Video Terminal (RVT) software for advanced live ISR video enhancement, analysis, and exploitation. The new version includes:

  • ·         Improvements in the Vidhance® live video enhancement engine with state of the art adaptive contrast optimization, tuned also for underwater filming
  • ·         Useful functionality for rapid intelligence analysis and exploitation, such as snapshot annotations and chalking, and quick creation of debriefing presentations
  • ·          Improved geo-referencing abilities and map handling

Ihvert is an RVT software suite specifically targeting the needs for quicker and better situational awareness from intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) system video streams. The technology originates from a fruitful blend of academic research in real-time video enhancement and in-theater needs during aerial reconnaissance missions, using UAV’s or manned aircraft. The unique real-time video enhancement technology, Vidhance, embedded in Ihvert radically increases the likelihood to find critical information in real time.

The new Ihvert release incorporates an updated Vidhance platform, further improving contrast optimization. This provides more visible details also in over- or under-exposed areas of the video, for example dark objects on reflective backgrounds like snow, water or sand, or bringing out details in dark corner areas under uneven illumination or shadowsSpecific tuning of the Vidhance algorithms has been made for the sub surface domain, where Ihvert can reduce visual degradation effects from murky waters, lamp illumination, and surface wave reflections.

Functionality has also been added to the Ihvert RVT version to improve efficiency in real-time or near real-time analysis, which include improved bookmark handling, such as snapshot annotations and chalking, and automatic creation of debriefing presentations.  When telemetry metadata is available from the system, the Ihvert IET version also adds functionality such as automatic horizon alignment, pixel-level geo positioning and improved map handling.

“A guiding design principle has been to further strengthen the intuitive ease-of-use aspects”, said Simon Mika, software engineer at Imint and program manager for the Ihvert 2.5 release, and concluded “our customers show support to the concept that rapidly finding the important information, understand what is going on, and sharing information with those who need to know, is crucial.  We believe this release will be appreciated by current as well as new customers.”

Ihvert has from its first market introduction been designed for efficiency; the Vidhance live video enhancement algorithms are optimized to enable Ihvert to run on resource constrained systems, such as ruggedized laptops. Ihvert is designed to support the rapid analysis and intelligence gathering in the near real time domain. The full feature list of Ihvert can be found on the Imint webpage,, where trial versions also can be requested.