SPECIM Depicts Targets Invisible to the Human Eye Next Gen Chemical Imager Reveals Camouflaged and Hidden objects

SPECIM, Spectral Imaging, Ltd., announces that it has successfully delivered the world’s most compact, high-performance  Long-Wave Infrared,  LWIR Hyperspectral  Imager to  a  DefenceCustomer in a strategic geographical location.

The advanced chemical imaging capabilities will bring a new dimension to port and  harbour airborne surveillance,  and additionally to  other defence and law enforcement  applications. The strength of the technology is in unveiling hidden or camouflaged materials, objects and actions. The complete delivery encompasses a state-of-the art AisaOWL thermal infrared hyperspectral camera,  related software solutions, and a service contract. The system delivery took place in May 2011.

Thermographic and Forward Looking Infrared, FLIR cameras have been used widely for defence and law enforcement solutions.  Thermal imaging is the technology that enables  the  detection of warm objects against a cold background even in completely dark conditions.  Thermal Infrared systems can see through smoke, fog, haze, and other atmospheric obscurants better than a visible light camera can.

The SPECIM AisaOWL operates similarly to a traditional thermographic camera, with the fundamental difference that each pixel  additionally  contains a full LWIR spectrum, unique to  the  molecular structure of the target. The measured infrared spectra can then be used for material identification of the objects depicted. Consequently, a single instrument can deliver  reliable  chemical and thermographic object recognition without the need  for a light source such as the Sun or the Moon, which is a major advantage in target recognition, surveillance, and other defence applications.

The  SPECIM AisaOWL provides invaluable  information in airborne chemical imaging, including geological  exploration, pollution source identification, and  defence applications. The fact that US principal special forces the Navy SEALs have reportedly used hyperspectral imagers in such high stage operations as Neptune Spear, has proved the strategic importance of the technology, and raised worldwide interest towards  the capabilities of thermal hyperspectral imaging in defence  and law enforcement.

In  February 2011, SPECIM’s AisaOWL was recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the World First Thermal Hyperspectral Camera for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles1 The sensor’s low weight and compact .size is also one of the attractions of AisaOWL for the majority of SPECIM customers, as it allows for quick and easy installation in any aircraft, helicopter, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs.

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