Blue River Studios Manta 300 Operational

Manta 300

After a considerable design and construction phase, the Manta 300 took to the skies, ready to deliver a payload that could lift multiple, stabilised cameras and remote sensing equipment.  The design encompassed the needs and lessons from all it’s twenty predecessors in order to achieve it’s objectives of bigger, better, higher, bolder.

A normal hand launch sUAV in this class can lift a payload of about 200g to 300g.  The Manta 300 can lift upwards of 2000g, which makes it possible to lift high end photogrammetric equipment and FLIR without the need for a runway.  Equipped with the well proven Attopilot IMU driven autopilot, the airframe can complete digital mapping and remote sensing tasks with considerable ease in winds of up to 25mph.