Video from Tokyo Electric Power sUAS at stricken Fukushima Daiichi plant


The airframes sent by Helipse are already flying over Fukushima Daiichi. Three airframes were dispatched from France last week at the request of Tokyo Electric Power.

One of the airframes, the  HE300 has a large load carrying capacity, greater than 20 kg .

It was designed to meet specific missions such as, the carriage of professional camera, thermal camera cooled, various sensors for measuring, surveying, carrying tank for spraying and missions of great distances.

Thanks to its payload capacity and with additional tanks flight endurance can extend to two hours , with a  range of over 10 km (depending on the type of radio transmission onboard).

A brushless generator of 12 V/200 W provides the electrical power.

The diameter of its main rotor, 3 meters and its weight makes it much less sensitive to outside elements and allow it to continue its flight in strong wind, where other devices of smaller dimensions would be forced not to take the air.