Google Earth Builder, Geospatial data in the cloud.

A handy tool for sUAS operators who face a bewildering array of complex products to use in the post flight production of mapping images. Google have launched an enterprise product, Google Earth Builder, that should be available by the end of August 2011. No prices are revealed yet.

Imagine a search and rescue or disaster scene where multiple sUAS are flying. Users from many flight locations could keep adding imagery to a central point mapping a wide area quickly. Gold and Silver Incident commanders would also have rapid access to the product. Providing of course some sort of web service was available at the scene.

As technology gets smaller and smarter sUAS become more viable.

Once more details are released we will know if this really will be a useful emergency response tool. No doubt knowing Google it will be in Beta for many years.

“We’re taking the same technology behind Google’s geo-products and putting it directly into your hands,” Google said in a video demo. “With Google Earth Builder, we’re bringing the usability and innovation from our consumer mapping products and adding the performance and scalability of Google’s cloud to allow you to create easy-to-use maps and map layers for your business users.”