Emergency Rotary

sUAS for Australian swimming event.


Hats off to the CyberQuad company they are doing their best to get their products out there. Coastal patrol at tourist beaches would indeed be a great application.

From In My Community

SWIMMERS in the 2011 Cockburn Crawl at Rockingham Beach next weekend will be kept extra safe by a high-tech unmanned aerial vehicle hovering above the water.

Race sponsors will attend the Saturday, April 2, race hosted by the Secret Harbour Surf Life Saving Club and bring an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to monitor swimmers safety using a camera in the sky.

The small battery powered cyberQuad will transmit video back to the start finish line, keep an eye on swimmers and check the conditions.

The Cockburn Crawl, part of the WA Ocean Swim Series, covers 1600m. Registration for the event starts at 7am with the race starting at 8am.


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