Japan needs your robots, AUVSI gathers the team.

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International is coordinating an effort to bring systems together that might be of assistance to Japan.

A number of AUVSI members have inquired about information on how to offer assistance to Japan as the country deals with the crisis left by the earthquake and tsunami. The Japanese government has asked for assistance specifically for the crisis at its nuclear plant.

AUVSI has been working with the U.S. State Department about this specific request. We have received the following requirements on UAS capabilities to support reactor cooling operations. The Japanese government has requested:

• Remote-controlled equipment and other remote-controlled transport machinery designed for countermeasures against radiation disaster (including their specification).

• Remote-controlled equipment refers to small-sized, lightweight, unmanned monitoring robots or aircraft survey systems which could be utilized, in cases of nuclear disasters, to gather monitoring information by remote control in a speedy and safe manner without the risks of radiation exposure.

• Other remote-controlled transport machinery refers to unmanned trucks or helicopters that are capable of delivering goods and equipment needed in areas highly contaminated with radiation without the risks of radiation exposure.

Potential solutions packages should be routed to [email protected][email protected]. Please Cc [email protected].

If you would like to offer other assistance, such as search and rescue equipment, email [email protected].

For members outside the US who have not been contacted by their governments, the State Department will also coordinate with your host country.