Indian Air Force seeks a sub 2kg hovering platform

Aurora Flight Sciences Skate

The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure Micro UAS to carry out Intelligence, Surveillance, Recce missions.

They will be used by the Indian Air Force and be sub 2kg craft.

The bigger Honeywell T Hawk, (Dusty Bin) has been shown on two occasions in India and this RFI is also shadowed by a similar requirement for a larger machine weighing no more than 10kgs

Several civilian multicopter sUAS manufacturers have craft capable of meeting the RFI requirements in the sub 2kg category though.

Some of which include:-

(a)Should be capable of undertaking intended surveillance missions
(b) Should have hand launched or Vertical T/O and landing capability

Micro airframe with Fuel/ battery operated engine, mission specific payloads with state of the art technology. It should have portable light weight Ground Control Stations, datalink terminals.

Endurance in excess of 30 min Less than two kgs preferable

Data link Preferably a simple design such as PC based Ground Control
Station capable of handling the UAV Telemetry information, Mission display Image processing, detection and transmission of information pertaining to all payloads. Facility to integrate with other HQ/ Control Stations. (Data link is expected to have LOS capability, Integration with portable hand held Remote Video Terminals if available may be specified).

It must also have a  proven safety record. Adequate safety features and redundancies to cater for failures.

Amongst the many hovering platforms available the Aurora Flight  Sciences, Skate, flying wing also comes to mind.

Full micro RFI here

Mike Smith