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A Call to Action for AUVSI Members in the UAS Community

Following hot on the heals of the AMAs action to call members to write to congress to protect the rights of aeromodellers. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International is asking its members to lobby for access to the NAS.

The FAA must be beginning to hear the choir singing now, how will the sermon pan out?

Click on the link below to send a timely and important e-mail to your Member of Congress supporting the House FAA Reauthorization Bill (HR 658), which includes provisions granting unmanned aerial systems access into the national airspace.

In an effort to augment the services AUVSI provides to our members, we are unveiling a web-based application to enhance the advocacy section of the AUVSI website. The Legislative Action Center provides you the opportunity to communicate and actively engage with your elected officials in Washington, DC. As calls to action surface from the Advocacy Staff relating to the unmanned systems industry, the menu driven application will provide you the opportunity to expeditiously voice your opinion.

In our first call to action, we are encouraging members who have an interest in unmanned aerial systems to contact their Representative and ask them to support the FAA Reauthorization Bill. This request is time sensitive as Congressman Mica, Chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is expected to bring the bill to the House floor within the next two weeks.

Please click on the following link to visit the Legislative Action Center so you can take action and have your voice heard.



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