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Penguin B, now with onboard generator.

Penguin B new options

UAV Factory is constantly developing new options for its Penguin B UAV airframe, making it a perfect tool for the most sophisticated unmanned missions. Our range of products that can be factory installed in Penguin B UAV airframe now include:

  • Onboard Generator system capable of supplying a constant 80W dual voltage power to the onboard avionics and payload.

Generator system

  • Fuel tank that increases the amount of fuel that can be carried onboard the Penguin B UAV to an incredible 7,5 liters. Coupled with the standard 2-stroke gas engine Penguin B is now easily capable of 10+ hours of endurance.

Fuel tank

Combined Pitot static tube is a convenient, reliable and removable measurement solution for UAVs. Available in custom lengths to suit various UAV applications.

.Pitot static

Onboard generator products

UAV Factory is now offering onboard generator solutions for the unmanned aircraft industry. Our new 100 Watt Generator power unit (GPU) is compatible with all onboard alternators and generators with the output of 13-50 V.

Generator power unit

There are few unique features implemented into UAV Factory’s GPU that excel it from the competition- GPU has a set of integrated sensors that allows it transmitting all power distribution parameters through RS-232 serial interface and display them on the ground station. GPU also has integrated Li-Poly charger, short circuit protection, IP 64 enclosure and industrial grade push-pull connectors.

All the products listed above can be factory installed into the Penguin B UAV frame.

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