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FLIR Systems Reports High Demand for UAV Sensors

Portland, OR – FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) is receiving strong demand for the Cobalt(tm), Star SAFIRE(r) and TALON(tm) classes of stabilized multi-sensor airborne systems for integration on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) across the world.

Since the beginning of the year, FLIR has received orders for more than 130 airborne systems for a variety of applications and platforms in the Americas, the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East and throughout Europe.
“The strong global demand for our products is a testament to the high performance, reliability and effectiveness of our systems,” said Bill Sundermeier, president, FLIR Government Systems division. “With an increased focus on taking warfighters out of harm’s way, we expect the role of unmanned systems to have an amplified presence going forward.”

FLIR Systems is currently under contract for both the Cobalt 190 and Star SAFIRE 230HD sensors, which are being integrated onto UAV platforms for the use in missions to include reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting. These smaller systems were developed to accommodate customer needs for lighter solutions without compromising capability and performance.

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