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ALAS Defense Systems, Inc. ready to fly

Hands up all those that remember the Cyber Aerospace rogallo based platforms, looks like its back. Vought who bought Cyber Aerospace early 2010 seem to have turned into ALAS Defense Systems and are ready to fly again.

ALAS Defense Systems, Inc. , today announced that it began scheduling live demonstrations for early March of its UAV and Service to both Military and Commercial users which have expressed interest in our products. Alvin Ayers, CFO of ALAS Defense Systems said, “We are excited about the upcoming live demonstrations and the opportunity to show the effectiveness of our products.”

And: ALAS signs another Distributor group:

“J. P. Fortune Group, located in Los Angles, has become a distributor for our UAV products,” said Ayers, “They will concentrate upon the West coast market and also Central and South America. There is significant interest in utilizing the abilities and cost effectiveness of UAV’s which have been expressed by government agencies that continue to wage the war on drugs.”

“We feel that the Fortune Group will make a substantial contribution to our success,” said Ayers.

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