A chance of fame and maybe fortune for your UAV a place in the 9th annual edition of the richly illustrated international UAS yearbook, is up for grabs.

Produced in co-ordination with military and government organizations, as well as recognised national and international non-profit associations and working groups, with the objective to give the global UAS community a yearly federated means of expression. It is the UAS-related publication with the world’s widest international distribution.

This competition is open to organisations and persons in the following categories:

UAS system and sub-system manufacturers;

Organizations (both private & public) carrying out research and development activities on a commercial or non-commercial basis;

Organizations (both private & public) supplying services with or for UAS on a commercial or non-commercial basis;

Military organizations;
Private individuals (civil & military).


Photos in the following categories can be submitted:

0a UA – In Flight

0b UA – Static (studio, on ground, on launcher, on ship)

0c UA – Take-Off (leaving launcher, wheeled take-off, hand-launched, RATO take-off, other)

0d UA – Recovery (wheeled, skid, parachute, net, other)

0e UA – Conceptual (drawing, painting, computer generated)

0f UA – Most exceptional flying prototype

01 Sensors (imaging & non-Imaging; studio photo or mounted on a UA)

02 Launcher (with or without UA on it)

03 Control Station (interior & exterior view, portable, wearable)

04 Data Terminal (interior & exterior view, portable)

05 Remote Video Terminal

06 Transport & Handling & Storage

07 Maintenance & Repair

08 System overview photo (showing complete unmanned aircraft system, with or without personnel)

09 Operational deployment (situational photo).

10 Downlinked imagery Unmanned aircraft (UA) systems (UAS) = civil, commercial & military

(all classes, including RC, optionally piloted & converted aircraft).


A company or photographer can submit several photos in several categories. All photos supplied should be free of any logos, company names and legends on the photo.

Photos are to be supplied to Blyenburgh & Co electronically. In addition, hardcopy photographic prints may be supplied.

All photos should be received prior to 15 April 2011. FTP addresses from which photos can be downloaded should be active and notified to Blyenburgh & Co prior to 15 April 2011.


A selection committee will decide the winners in each category.

It consists of members of the UVS International Board of
Directors, namely: Jean Caron (EADS DS, France), Eduardo Carrillo (Boeing R&T Europe, Spain),Doug Davis (NMSU-PSL, USA), Gilles Fartek (Integra, Denmark), Claus Frey (EADS Deutschland, Germany), Gérard
Mardiné (Sagem DS, France), Ian Glenn (ING Engineering, Canada), Ole Vidar Homleid (Robot Aviation, Norway), Tore Kallevig (Avinor, Norway), Alexander Koldaev (Irkut, Russia), Mike Lissone (Eurocontrol, Belgium),
Simo Makipaja (Patria, Finland), Steve May (General Atomics AS, USA), Nick Miller (Thales Defence, UK), Abdoulaye N’Diaye (Thales Avionics, France), Georges Papageorgiou (Honeywell Aerospace, France), Itai
Toren (Elbit Systems, Israel), Peter van Blyenburgh (Blyenburgh & Co, France), Robert Veenhuizen (CybAero, Sweden), John Walker (Padina Group, USA).

The winners in each category will be announced at the UAS 2010 conference & exhibition (14-16 June 2011).

On 13 June 2011, an electronic press release will announce the winners to the the international press and supply them with the FTP address from which the winning photos can be

The winning photo in each category (with name of photographer, product designation, name of manufacturer, country of origin) will be published:

In the 2011 UAS Yearbook (the first copies will be made available to the delegates at the UAS 2011 conference);

Collectively on special award posters which will be exhibited at the UAS 2011 conference;
As individually files & made available to the international press for downloading from www.uvs-info.com (13 June 2011);

Collectively on an electronic poster, which will be made available for free downloading & printing on www.uvsinfo.com (13 June 2011);

Collectively as a printable electronic poster which will be included on the UAS 2011 conference proceedings.
Address photo submissions & FTP address notification to:

Blyenburgh & Co

86, rue Michel Ange – Bat 2, 2ème étage – 75016 Paris, France
Tel.: 33-1- – Fax: 33-1-

[email protected]

By Gary Mortimer

Founder and Editor of sUAS News | Gary Mortimer has been a commercial balloon pilot for 25 years and also flies full-size helicopters. Prior to that, he made tea and coffee in air traffic control towers across the UK as a member of the Royal Air Force.