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Table Top Reaper Mission Training Device


SDS International (SDS) recently delivered a specialized version of the ROVATTS(tm)-based MQ-9 Reaper Mission Training Device (MTD) tabletop simulator to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) to support the development of evolving classes in Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operations at ERAU.

As delivered, the Reaper MTD consists of one tabletop simulator station that preserves the correct physical layout of the MQ-9 pilot and sensor operator ground control station components. The station includes an adjustable, wheeled COTS table holding properly sized/positioned flat-panel displays for the head-up-display (HUD), tracker display and head-down command and status displays; plus game-level stick, throttle, keyboard, trackball controls and rudders. The Reaper MTD has a separate laptop-based instructor-operator-station capable of supporting mission planning, tactical scenario generation (including fixed and moving 3D vehicles/ humans/animals), and simulator/mission control.

As delivered, the ROVATTS(tm)-based MQ-9 MTD combined pilot and sensor operator station software provides functioning Reaper HUD displays, tracker map displays, and head-down-displays (including variable information tables and menu button interfaces). The Reaper MTD software also incorporates an SDS-developed high fidelity Reaper aerodynamics package supporting takeoff/enroute/landing operations (including flight with turbulence effects/control-delays and GPS approach capabilities); normal and selected emergency procedure functionality; and realistic electro-optical/infra-red sensor displays provided by SDS’ AAcuity(r) PC-IG. The system was delivered with a high-fidelity virtual terrain of the Creech/Nellis AFB area designed to support realistic Reaper crew training.

SDS’ MQ-9 Reaper MTDs support individual (pilot or sensor operator) and/or crew training in a stand-alone environment, plus distributed training involving a variety of live, virtual, and constructive systems in either local or distributed exercises using DIS or HLA connectivity. As such, the Reaper MTD represents a low-cost, high-fidelity alternative training system capable of supporting a wide variety of realistic training, mission rehearsal, R&D and T&E applications.

CH Products in November 2010 revealed their CGCS unit, a military oriented gaming console was part of the system. Stacie Mrley wrote ..”The RGCS will be included as part of SDS’ MQ-9 Reaper Mission Training Device (MTD) Simulator on display in the SDS International Booth #1169 and also CH Products Booth #662 at the I/ITSEC 2010 Conference in Orlando, Florida, November 29-December 2nd.

The CH Reaper Ground Control Simulator (RGCS) Console is a one for one, USB desktop training unit designed to meet military training needs at an affordable price.”

“This high fidelity mobile unit offers the form / fit / function and industrial quality required by military standards and is currently being used by U.S. Military training and education facilities.”

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