South African Torco oil used exclusively in Predator and Reaper UAV.

MQ-9 Reaper

US unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer General Atomics has prescribed South African lubricant oil for the MQ1 Predator and MQ9 Reaper (pictured).

Torco says it did not at first know that it SR-5 lubricant was being exclusively used in the UAVs engines. Torco Managing Director Frank Barlow says the lubricant has been used in all Reaper and Predator UAV engines for over 12 years. “The … manufacturer tested oils from all over the world and found Torco oils to be the best protecting their drone engines in all types of weather and conditions – hot desserts, the cold climate of high altitudes and humid environments,” Barlow said.

“The manufacturer was purchasing the SR-5 products from the marketplace. Then they came to visit us some years later to confirm that Torco has a good quality control and the capacity to supply their expanding need of more SR-5 products. Now they are purchasing directly from Torco to open up a direct communication for their need. They also have been using Torco Engine Assembly Lube products to assemble the engines,” Balow added. “Both Torco SR-5 and Torco Engine Assembly Lube have been two of the most dependable products for the multi-million dollar drone. This is one of the real world tests that speak loudly about Torco products’ quality.”


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  1. Unless this company is owned by a South African conglomerate its looks like it was founded in Southern California and is based there? You may want to check the facts on this.

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