Indian Air Force denies drone security scare.

The Indian Air Force on Saturday refuted claims by the Home Ministry that one of the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) had caused a security alert during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games by flying below its prescribed height.

Home Ministry sources had said on Friday that the UAV in question had started flying below 6,000 feet, triggering a security alert and activating counter-reactions to deal with such situations. It was only after the Indian Air Force had identified the UAV as its own was the situation defused.

The Air Force, however, issued a statement, saying the UAV had never come down below the designated height.

“It is clarified that the composite Air Defence agencies operated as per the standard operating procedures and the UAV flew and maintained the designated height as per the standard operating procedures and did not descend below 6,000 feet, and thus no anti-aircraft guns activated as has been reported,” said IAF spokesperson Priya Joshi in the statement.

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